What is BEATRĪX?

Blockchained Energy and Telecommunications, RĪX as the name of the Token


BEATRĪX is a collaboration of companies, combining years of experience in area-independent industries:


Energy: Energy Towers GmbH


Telecommunications: Nynex/FiberONE


Financial services: Phenecia AG


Biogas plants Expert: Bioconstruct GmbH


SME/Industry/Engineering: GBZ GmbH and Hänchen GmbH


University: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)



BEATRĪX is going to provide green, low cost, sustainable energy and telecommunications to people who need it the most.



The predominant focus of our dynamic project is Africa, where we are going to develop growth and progress until we become a market leader.



We are equipped with a new revolutionary energy and blockchain technology that will help Africa to develop incredibly rapidly.
What is Crypto?

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Problem & Solution

BEATRĪX favours a patented revolutionary sustainable solution in form of the energy towers as opposed to imitating the outdated modes of generation which will become a future burden. A far more agile micro-level mode of generation can meet the needs in months.



The BEATRĪX reality is that almost all Africans could have access to clean, abundant and almost no-cost electricity within the next decade. The supplementary bonus is that countries, villages and even individuals can grow their economies immediately, bypassing the time and expense of permanent generating capacity.


The provision of power to a population is not simply an economic conversation, but rather a humanitarian one. For most, electrification does not mean running a refrigerator or television but, more crucially, providing heat and light from a source that does not fill a home with dangerous fumes. It might mean charging a cell phone from which payments can be made, phone calls received and important news reports read. Providing electricity to homes means healthier families, better education for children and the optimisation of financial inclusion to capture those in rural areas. BEATRĪX decided not to commit to the well-trodden but impractical road of centralized electricity generation, but to carve a new and pioneering path towards alternative energy solutions in form of a Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD). BEATRĪX believes this is the option that can truly change the fortunes of the continent.


There is a real opportunity to demonstrate to the world the impact of small-scale DETDs, blended renewable energy sources at a micro-grid and mobile level in Africa.


BEATRĪX's Solution: The Energy Towers

The first part of BEATRĪX's Ecosystem is a patented buoyancy technology, which is a new procedure that efficiently produces electric current. The technology’s technical feasibility has been proven in theory by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the “proof of concept” that demonstrates its practical potential through test-systems is taking place on 01.09.2018.


Systems built based on the buoyancy technology will come in different overall sizes and power steps (1, 5, 10, 25, 50, MW).


We wanted to keep the information available on the website very simple, with a more comprehensive and detailed description regarding efficiency and profitability of the energy towers in BEATRĪX's white paper. Technical details and videos about the technology are available after registration in the VIP area.

The BEATRĪX Eco-system

Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution



Targeting the needs and profiting from the market opportunity


Modern economies and societies cannot exist without electricity. DETD's will play an important role in the way electricity is generated and distributed, providing modern energy to millions of people while placing the continent at the forefront of a global energy transformation.



BEATRĪX is responding to the increasing demand for high-performance telecommunications. BEATRĪX wants Africa to overcome one of society's greatest challenges: the digital development and transformation.



We plan to deliver electricity and telecommunications to Africa’s rural communities, where only limited grids exist, and people cannot afford the relatively expensive connection fees. Currently, people in rural areas must pay much more for electricity than in urban grid-connected areas. BEATRĪX will provide electricity to rural areas at a lower cost to spur faster development.



Waste to Energy! Due to the need of gas for the energy towers (Approx. US$ 46.000 per year for 1MW), BEATRĪX has partnered with one of the best companies on the European biogas market: BioConstruct. BioConstruct plans, builds and maintains individual AD-Plants. The energy towers will benefit from a biogas plan where the gas is generated from solid manure, liquid manure and energy crops. Composting saves natural resources by transforming biowaste into a useable product, reducing the harmful impacts of chemical fertilizers to soil. Biowaste separate collection is feasible even in poorer countries, where the compost market is growing.





The only accepted payment type for consumption of energy generated by BEATRĪX.


This is the first and only real green energy tokenization, materialised solely through the generation of electricity. Energy and telecommunications are a more stable asset for backing a token rather than gold or debt. Crypto traders can also try the spongebob token as it is gaining popularity in various crypto markets. Trading them can help traders to minimize risks.




Modern economies and societies cannot exist without electricity.



Each RĪX token is backed up through energy in form of an RSC “RĪXSmartContract“.



The RīX represents a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) that represents a certain amount of energy to be produced in the future. If buyers decide to buy the RĪX including 5kWh, they buy a certain amount of green energy tokens. The value of this purchase goes directly to the previous owner of the RĪX tokens. The buyer owns the energy produced, and will be paid for it automatically by a consumer, trader or another investor on the BEATRĪX platform.



The BEATRĪX-provided electricity will be significantly cheaper for the consumer than conventional electricity, leading to increasing demand and an increasing RĪX value. The electricity price will not be affected.



For example: If the value of the "RĪX" increases, the consumer gets more electricity.

Why Blockchaining?

RĪX - Smart Contracts (RSC) / Powermeter(RPM) / Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)


The concept of transactive energy is the heart of BEATRĪX's DETD project: The existence of control systems that react and manage the exchange of energy as a function of consumer demand and market economics. Blockchain optimizes and enables transactive energy by allowing fast and secure energy transactions that facilitate a balanced electricity flow. With the growth of distributed energy systems, transactive energy can take on a whole new meaning through the implementation of the RĪX Power meter (RPM), which can measure distributed energy resources and potentially utilize blockchain digital ledger technology. Blockchain technology, with its fast, efficient and secure transactions that cannot be removed, altered or reversed, is projected to transform businesses. What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions, and the energy and utilities industry is no exception. Its protocol establishes the rules in the form of globally distributed computations and heavy-duty encryption, ensuring the integrity of the data traded among billions of devices without going through a trusted third party. Trust is hard-coded into the platform - blockchains act as a ledger of accounts, a database, a notary, a sentry and clearing house, all by consensus.


Please find more details in BEATRĪX's white paper under "why blockchaining."


All energy generated within a DETD will be managed through the deployment of RPM.

The RPM provides a valuable feedback loop: It creates a transparent transaction on the blockchain.

BEATRĪX's RSC solution, allows fully transparent energy trade accounting, with future flexible energy trade in the form of an RSC.

Each of these contracts is a power purchase agreement built on the Ethereum blockchain, representing the amount of energy that a DETD is going to produce in the future and how that energy is distributed between energy consumers, buyers and investors. They can be used to offset energy bills, traded on the marketplace or sold into the energy wholesale market once the energy is produced or even before. This is achieved by linking digital contracts with DETD data on blockchain. Energy that will be produced through the DETD and traded on the BEATRĪX platform will be assigned to the RĪX tokens and stored in the RSC, transforming the RĪX into real-asset energy-based tokenized units. The RĪX holders can use this energy for their own purposes or trade it on BEATRĪX platform at any time. This ensures a liquidity option for contributors from the first day.

The RĪXPowerMeter(RPM) will alert users when they are about to exceed their RĪX credit balance and a need to reload the account. If the account is depleted, the RĪXPowerMeter(RPM) will stop the flow of electricity until the users’ RĪX Credit balance is sufficient. The consumer of the power accesses the RĪXPowerMeter(RPM) and data on the blockchain to make a payment from his or her mobile device. The RĪXPowerMeter(RPM) can connect to the internet through any other connections are available - GSM, Wi-Fi or a mesh network creating a local ISP.







The BEATRĪX Platform

We will provide a power trade system that will promote a sustainable electrical energy transaction ecosystem between the DETDs, consumers, investors and traders. A blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) energy transaction platform will be implemented to enable efficient electrical energy transaction. In the BEATRĪX P2P energy-transaction platform, an RSC called an energy tag is embedded in the blockchain. The energy tag will set conditions for making every future energy transaction. In the long run, the BEATRĪX P2P energy-transactions platform will create sustainable energy-transaction and the expanding ecosystem will enable the development of a trusted, sustainable, secure and energy-efficient transaction environment.


This is an energy trading market for consumers, traders, investors and renewable energy certificates purchaser.



Using their mobile devices and local fiat, consumers will purchase the RĪX-Token from the platform to pay for electricity / telecommunication services in a “prepaid” system, much like the same way they pay for their minutes or data from the local telecom today already. Even though network coverage is not always available, 80% of Africans own a cellular device.



RĪX Owner:

The BEATRĪX platform will have the functionality to display and transact with RīX Tokens, the sole digital currency accepted on the platform.



Linked Equipment:

The BEATRĪX platform can link customers to equipment. The system allows superior customer service based on real-time data. For example, proactive alerts can be issued to customer service agents instantly to track problems before they evolve.



Smart Design:

Payments are supported in ways that benefit both the customer and the provider. The systems can remotely turn off the equipment if monthly payments are not made and to switch them back on again once payments resume.



RĪX Owner and Trader:

The RīX holder and trader has the option to utilize the RīX energy auctions that are going to take place every time a 1 MW DETD is built and activated. This will make it possible for the trader of the RĪX to take advantage of price changes depending on demand and supply. Anyone in the world can invest, trade and purchase the RĪX. There is a basic mode for users, consumers and sellers, with an advanced mode for traders.

The BEATRĪX Whitepaper

Documents, Terms & Conditions

After registration you will be able to view a more technical detail video of the Energy Towers in the private area.


BEATRĪX's whitepaper explains everything in precise detail.
Learn more about our first destination, the idea behind BEATRĪX and the donations of five water wells with every 1MW built.








BEATRĪX's Implementation Sheet


February 2017
  • Energy Towers
  • Patent registration and approval
July 2017
  • Company establishment
  • Legal issues setting
  • Concept development
  • Crowdsourcing / co-operation
December 2017
  • Prototype development
  • Building the team
  • Negotiations on partnerships
  • First destination
  • Website launch
  • White Paper published
  • Marketing campaign
  • Private sale start
  • Pre-sale start
  • Contracts with co-operation
  • Partner in Africa
  • Construction site
  • Contracts regarding IPP
  • Testing the Platform Software
  • Development KIT for integrations
  • BEATRĪX Crowdsale
  • Testnet launch / mobile App
  • New partnerships
  • Marketplace support
  • First 1 MW DETD Active
  • First payments for electricity with the RĪX

RĪX Distribution

RĪX Token Sale Starts


There will be no other distribution of the RĪX unless a DETD is installed and active. For every new 1 MW = 1.2 million RĪX are offered through the energy auctions over the BEATRĪX Platform.




More RĪX Token Information


There is a fixed number of 25 Billion RĪX tokens and no other distribution other than the 20% via ICO.



RĪX with the initial charge of 5kWh is valuable and will never be burned. All RĪX Tokens used for payment of electricity will be deposited into the cold wallet held by the trustee.



53% of all RĪX’s are going to be held by the trustee in a cold wallet and will only be used for the energy auctions when a DETD is activated.



Symbol: RĪX



Initial Value: US $ 5,00 = 100 RĪX (500 kWh)


In Pre-Sale: US $ 2,50 = 100 RĪX (500 kWh)


Type: ERC20







The Co-operations


Energy Tower
Bio Construct
Fiber ONE
NyneX Satellite
KIT University


Motivated, experienced, solution-focused, internationally active and ready to deliver. 36 creative and dedicated people with many years of combined experience. 5 blockchain experienced team members




Creative and
dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Blockchain experienced Team Members


Haitham Sabra
Founding Partner / CEO
'0 RĪX, 0 FUN'
Andreas Buxbaum
Founding Partner / COO
Baskurt Okaygun
Founding Partner / Advisor
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Geimer
Development ET
Ilker Gök
Volker Stauch
Business Development
Rob Sukar
Head of S&O;
'With RĪX, 0 RĪSK!'
Leandra Bertino
Mario Zelic
Peter A. Iten
BM Chairman
Sigmund Rheindt
Barbera Bertino
Costumer Relations
Zaki Akbayir
Energy Expert/Inventor
Athar Ahmed
Strategy & Business Development
Jessay Balla
Telecommunications Prof.
Hassan Durrani
ICO and Blockchain Analyst
Gurcharan Gill
Smart Meter Specialist
Scharon Dammel
Media Strategist
Hamid Tahvildari
Marketing Africa
Dany Azakir
Head of Development
Guiseppe Tosca
Haseeb Malik
Sales & Operations
Kiriakos Angelidis
Sales & Operations
Sary Azakir
Amit Gill
IT Specialist
'RĪX makes Īt fĪx'
Erkan Cilik
Noman Sohail
Art Director
Andreas Cortina
Social Media
Muhammad Sameer
Senior Software Engineer
Faisel Durrani
Sales Operations
'We Got The POWER!'
Arsalan Khan
Blockchain / Smart Contract Developer
'Pure RĪX, Pure Power'

BEATRĪX's Advisors




Nikolay Shkilev
Advisor / Mentor
Vladimir Nikitin
Advisor / Marketing, Legal, Financial
Jason Hung
Advisor / Strategy













Event Calendar

Team Members of BEATRĪX are attending, presenting the project and answering questions at the following Events:

Cheetah Africa

Cheetah Africa is a Fintech non-profit organization registered in Nigeria and currently has operations in West, Central and East Africa. Providing a platform for Venture Capitalists and Investors to access the best of African ideas and innovations.

Dubai International Blockchain Summit

After the unprecedented success in it's recent edition, Dubai International Blockchain Summit is expected to host 60 sponsors and more than 5000 delegates on 9th August 2018. DIBS is being presented by the ECS Network.

Toronto Blockchain Futurist Conference

The sessions are focused primarily on special announcements regarding new tech start-ups, investments, partnerships, research, and overall upcoming trends and predictions in the sector.

Jason Hung- Cypro Funds meet up Event

Cypro Funds meet up Event by our Advisor, presenting our plans and vision and sharing it with top Crypto Fund manager. Providing insights about future planed partnerships and co-operations.

Frequently Asked Questions



Please don’t send us crypto from exchanges. Exchanges bundle transactions from various users so that we do not see the original wallet address of the source of funds. This requires manual mapping of your transaction which delays the payment process.
We are in discussion with various exchanges and expect the first confirmations soon. The listing will start after the closing of the ICO when we have finished processing all payments, KYC checks and mined all RīX Tokens. We want everyone to have their Tokens before any trading starts.
No, the RīX has a fixed number and will not be mined nor burned. All RīX Tokens available are mined during and right after the ICO. The number cannot be increased.
Contacting us on Telegram is the easiest method. But you can contact us via telephone or with email, BitcoinTalk, Facebook, Twitter and Medium, too.
You will be able to sell your Tokens after the closing of the Main Sale. You will be able to sell your RĪX on exchanges or directly via the blockchain.
You won't be able to purchase RĪX Tokens on exchanges during the ICO, as the Tokens are sold by BEATRĪX only. After the ICO you will be able to purchase Tokens on exchanges or on BEATRĪX's platform. Be aware that any offer of BEATRĪX RĪX Tokens outside the BEATRĪX ICO website before the closing of the main sale is probably scam.
We accept Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) as well as US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) via bank transfer and credit card. Through the cooperation with Bestrate we also accept almost all altcoins and currencies.
Hard Cap: 5 billion RĪX, there is no softcap.
Min. purchase amount per transaction: 2000 RĪX.
Max. purchase amount per transaction: 5 million RĪX.
During Pre-Sale : 50% bonus until we reach 50% raising target, then 30% until we reach 75% and until full target 10%.
The mining will happen during and right after the ICO. Your Tokens can only be mined if payment and KYC are completed.
The RĪX Token is a Utility Token based on Ethereum blockchain. It is NOT a Security Token. Token holders will not receive any profit sharing, dividends or equity in the company.
Pre-sale = 18.07.2018 / 500 million RĪX

Price 100 RĪX: US $ 2,50 /

Main sale = 18.10.2018 / 5 billion RĪX

Price 100 RĪX: US $ 0,05

We support all ERC20 wallets incl. myetherwallet, imtoken, Trezor, and Nano Ledger S.
The total supply of BEATRīX's RīX Tokens is 25 billion. 5,5 billion (22% of the total supply) is allocated to the Token sale and bonus Programm. RĪX unsold Tokens will not be burned, they will be deposited in the Cold wallet at the trusty.
Yes, there is a bounty program. For more information visit: https://bounty.beatrix.social
Our Referral Program will reward you with additional free Tokens if you as a RĪX holder invite a friend who also purchases our Tokens. We will grant you 5% of the amount the invited friend purchases. For example, if your invited friend buys 2,000 RĪX Tokens, you will receive 100 Tokens for free. When will the 5% Referral Tokens be credited? You'll be credited once the purchase of the person you referred has been fully processed (payment and KYC)


Have questions? We’re happy to help.